Open on July 4, 2020

We are happy to announce that we are open on July 4, 2020. As with most businesses, we have been working on the best ways to serve you safely until Covid-19 has passed. The following list of changes are starting on July 4, 2020:

1) Trade-ins are suspended for the remainder of the summer; new stock in the store will come from our warehouse as we continue to organize it.

2) Staff will be wearing face shields and carrying hand sanitizer; we will still be available to assist you and ask that you use hand sanitizer (we will provide it) when entering the store before you begin shopping.

3) Aisle's are marked with one-way arrows; traffic flow will be important to allow everyone to shop safely and with some distance in between.

4) Cash change is cleaned and sanitized; all cash sales will be collected in containers and not used for change in the weekend we receive it.

5) Credit and debit cards are still accepted; if you are not comfortable using cash, you can still pay with credit or debit card and we will cover the $1.00 surcharge for purchases of $10.00 or more. (This is not a change, just a reminder).

We thank you for your understanding and continued patronage during these difficult times.

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