10 am to 4 pm or when the shelves are empty

Saturday and Sunday only

Boxes available at the store


1) All Covid rules apply including masks and social distancing.

2) No dealers (people scanning books); you can get free books like everyone else, but remember WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GIVE YOU BOOKS FOR FREE AND WILL PERMANENTLY BAN YOU FOR BREAKING THIS RULE. We have 30,000 books in storage which we will discuss with dealers who follow these rules.

3) We can only allow 10 people into the store at a time, so there may be a line and no seating.

4) If you leave the store, you will have to wait in line (if there is one) to enter again.

5) You can bring your own bags and/or boxes, but we will have boxes at the store.

6) Limit of 3 bags or boxes per person per visit.

7) Please do not stop and read the books because others may be waiting to enter

8) You cannot leave bags or boxes in the store when you leave.

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